Urban Mayberry

- Rachel Gilbert
I've been living at VoR since 8/13/19. Initially... I LOVE living here. It's Urban Mayberry. What I love:
1. Exterior architecture -- the mixture of styles & colors is simply...inspiring!
2. Interior Common areas -- exceptional, unique decor. Exterior is well-kept, though hard to keep some foliage healthy around parking lot I'm guessing because of pets...though I'm not sure.
3. Main Street Rowlett--I love the trees. cafes.library.park.And city hall--vintage buildings of cream brick & terra cotta tile roof--adorable!
4. QUIET--I cannot believe how quiet it is here. I rarely hear neighbors in their units. Even with being pet-friendly, I rarely hear dog barking. When I walk my dogs, it seems that residents pick up after their pets too. City registration of pets is required.
5. Twinkle Lights/MainStreetPark --I love driving home on weekend nights seeing twinkle lights and families gathered with lawn chairs & blankets for music or movies.
6.Exterior - I have a live/work unit, which feels more like a small townhome. I walk out my door to the parking lot (never had issue with close-in spot), shops, stores, which is convenient. Grounds are VERY well-lit, and feels very safe (I walk dogs at night). My unit is street level. But I love that urban feel aspect.
7. Interior: IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SPACE! Very high ceilings, make it so spacious. It felt like a BRAND NEW HOME when I moved in. Had not had that experience in 20 years--SO fun! Woke up feeling like I was living in a Boutique Hotel. Tall Windows & "transom windows" above kitchen door remained me of 100 yr old homes. Large Bathroom. Entry large enough be a reading niche with small furniture. Tons of cabinet & closet space. Every visitor has been impressed!
8. STAFF: Chris Thurman has been a kind, extremely respectful leasing agent. He never makes me feel like a bother, and is quick to find answers & remedies. He is very responsive on things that I need immediate help with--whether paperwork, how-things-work, or concerns. I've had one interaction with Brooke, who is super-positive & reassuring. Carrie, the newish manager, was also encouraging and professional in the one phone conversation I had with her. Maintenance is responsive & committed to getting things right (so far)!

Yes, there are alot of apartments being built in Rowlett, but if you like a "homey, smaller, quiet, semi-urban with super-convenient location" this is a beautiful property.

Again, I moved in 8/13, today is 9/7. So I may update later, but its a great start!