- Karen Qualls
The community is great
But the required compant for Internet is the worst. If you depend on internet for work; school or anything, be prepared to be frustrated: it doesn’t work; techs very unprofessional
Opened packaging for my router and just left in laying on the floor , spell my name wrong as my username to access no big deal he told me that wouldn’t be a problem. Well it was a problem because this is the only Internet that I’ve had that emails you papers that you must print out and send back to yourself in a PDF format to a web address that won’t work if you have any type of firewall at all. But it any rate because they initially spelled my name wrong, and the tech told me it was no big deal,I didn’t get those papers. So the PanisYou ItWasShutYour Internet off. So I called toFindOutWhy itWas off it is because I didn’t return the paper. I suppose it would’ve been too much to ask to sign it at the time my Internet was installed. It barely works you were constantly have to reset it so if you need it for work or anything important you cannot count on it. As much as I like living here I will have to move at the end of the 15 months because work and school are important that I be able to access the Internet anytime it’s too unreliable. You are forced to use ghost network and I must say that’s a great name for it because the service is like a ghost