Why is it always Debra?

- Surprisingly Annoyed
We have visited twice to look at the area, apartments, community amenities, and begin applying. Today was our second visit and we began the application process because everyone was nice and the community seems great. Chris helped us both times and he is one of the friendliest leasing associates either of us have ever seen. He deserves a raise and a lot of recognition for his customer service and overall friendliness and helpfulness. Chris, you're one of the reasons we decided to rent there.

However, while we were in the business office filling out our applications, Chris was assisting other customers and we encountered a problem with one of our accounts. The system was not allowing us to continue the application, so we asked for assistance and Debra was the only leasing associate available. The entire time she was extremely condescending and treated us as though we're ignorant because we're young. She continued to blatantly ignore what we were telling her happened and tell us to do multiple things that made absolutely zero sense. For instance, instead of checking her own computer to see why we were locked out of the system, she told us to put the information back in and try again (as if we hadn't already tried that multiple times). There were several other things she did in order to belittle us and make us feel like we're stupid. She was not welcoming at all and frankly insulted us by assuming we weren't smart enough to figure out a system that she clearly couldn't work at all. How can you treat two people who can run your computer system like they're idiots, but you can't even open a door at your work place because it's locked?

Anytime we need to do anything with the leasing office in the future, we will specifically request any other employee than Debra. In short, Chris is great and deserves more money, Debra is rude, condescending, belittling and I'm upset she's employed there. Hopefully she doesn't scare anyone off from leasing from you. She almost succeeded in keeping us from leasing from you. Good luck Debra.