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  • Karen Qualls - 12/12/2017
    I have not yet moved into my townhouse but I i've been living in a temporary apartment on site. Certainly there of been delays, but anyone that's ever build a house or deal with construction recognizes sometimes this happens. They've been very accommodating..I love this location -the grounds are beautiful. People are working here seven days a week getting the place ready . I love the feel of this community.Its so pleasant to just be here.I definitely recommend it!
  • Hilary Peoples - 3/7/2018
    Super friendly staff !! So helpful and made our move-in process a breeze !! Everything is so clean and well kept. We are more than happy with our choice in moving to Village of Rowlett.
  • Pam - 3/7/2018
    I love my new apartment home. Village of Rowlett was the right choice for me! Raichel made my move-in so easy!
  • Suzette - 3/7/2018
    The apartments are so clean and just gorgeous. I can't say enough about the staff, everyone has been so helpful and friendly they really have gone above and beyond.
  • Karen Qualls - 3/30/2018
    The community is great But the required compant for Internet is the worst. If you depend on internet for work; school or anything, be prepared to be frustrated: it doesn't work; techs very unprofessional Opened packaging for my router and just left in laying on the floor , spell my name wrong as my username to access no big deal he told me that wouldn't be a problem. Well it was a problem because this is the only Internet that I've had that emails you papers that you must print out and send back to yourself in a PDF format to a web address that won't work if you have any type of firewall at all. But it any rate because they initially spelled my name wrong, and the tech told me it was no big deal,I didn't get those papers. So the PanisYou ItWasShutYour Internet off. So I called toFindOutWhy itWas off it is because I didn't return the paper. I suppose it would've been too much to ask to sign it at the time my Internet was installed. It barely works you were constantly have to reset it so if you need it for work or anything important you cannot count on it. As much as I like living here I will have to move at the end of the 15 months because work and school are important that I be able to access the Internet anytime it's too unreliable. You are forced to use ghost network and I must say that's a great name for it because the service is like a ghost
  • Name Not Specified - 6/11/2018
    I am going through a tough time in my life. I have found myself needing to rent an apartment that provides a safe and fun place for my 2 kids and I. I have been a homeowner for many years and I was very nervous about having to rent again. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Justina and Mackenzie in the leasing office. They were very friendly and helpful with me. I had so many questions and they were able to answer all of them and took the time to listen to what I needed and assist with finding me an apartment that would suit our needs. They were able to make this process one less thing to worry about in my currently crazy little world. I appreciate everything they did to assist me in this life transition. Thank You!!
  • Name Not Specified - 6/28/2018
    VoR is my new home here in the DFW area. Moving here 8 months ago, I found myself needed to rent, when I have owned a home for years. The staff is the best I have ever run into and will help with anything anytime. They are friendly, courteous, and understanding. I would recommend this fantastic living community to anyone I know.
  • - 7/10/2018
    My wife and I have just sold our home out in the country. We will be moving into our new cottage at your property at the end of the month. We had visited couple of different locations to rent from previously. I wanted to take a moment to let someone know and to recognize you're employee McCartney Waters. She was the best from the first time we had entered the office her welcoming us into the office, and the willingness to answer all of our questions and concerns was what had made our decision a lot easier to rent a cottage at your property. McCartney has a GREAT attitude, very friendly and I would consider her an asset to your business. We look forward to moving into our new place because of McCartney being at the front office. She had taken her valuable time to show us how to login into our portal on line and etc. If someone would please let her know that she's doing a great job. Thank you!
  • Name Not Specified - 8/3/2018
    I moved in a few months ago to be closer to work and have nothing but good things to say about it! Mackenzie and McCartney in the office have been great to deal with the few times I have needed something in the office. Feels very safe with the dual gates and you can walk to good eats/drinks next door. Noise has not been an issue at all for me and the apartment is very efficient as my electricity bill is down about $50 compared to my last apartment. Valet trash is nice too. You should definitely take a look at living here.
  • Name Not Specified - 8/3/2018
    I want to express my special thanks to Christian for his excellent knowledge and help when we need something fixed. Regarding the safety - it would be a good idea to remind the residents to drive slowly when driving down Southridge as people may step out and get hit.
  • - 8/6/2018
    Mackenzie and McCartney are great at the leasing office if you have any questions about signing up for a lease! I have lived here for almost a year, great community and awesome locations. Haven't had any issues or much noise from any neighbors. Everyone is friendly and great!
  • Name Not Specified - 8/6/2018
    The staff are great people! Abraham, MacKenzie, McCartney, Justina, Raul, Jose and Christian are all very approachable, helpful and understanding. You will not find a better and more relaxing place to call home.
  • Name Not Specified - 8/7/2018
    If you want to live in a place that cultivates community, then this is the place for you! From the events, to the pool, to just everyday life, my wife and I have meet some pretty great people. The staff are very friendly and personable. It's a great place to live and the bet time to live here!
  • Name Not Specified - 8/7/2018
    We absolutely LOVE calling Village of Rowlett home! We have had such a great experience since day 1. Mackenzie has been so helpful!! She is wonderful! Raul has always addressed any issue we have had promptly! he is great! We love VoR
  • Name Not Specified - 8/7/2018
    I am more than happy with my experience here! Mackenzie is great and always there to help if I have a question with anything. I appreciate the whole team at VoR
  • Name Not Specified - 8/9/2018
    Christian with the maintenance staff does a great job! Very helpful and timely, always willing to help us out when we have an issue, especially when it comes to scheduling.
  • Name Not Specified - 8/9/2018
    I appreciate all of the staff here at Village of Rowlett but Christian has been really helpful with the maintenance around here and in a timely fashion. He also goes above and beyond the duties of just doing maintenance. I witnessed him helping out a resident who was having car issues. Very thoughtful and kind of him to do that! Living here has been great and the location is awesome!
  • Name Not Specified - 8/9/2018
    very quick response to my maintenance request and was polite and courteous during his quick stop at my apartment. Nice work Raul!
  • - 8/13/2018
    I have lived in the apartments for tw whole weeks now. Mackenzie was absolutely amazing at finding me my new home. I brought my mom with me and i made multiple trips and every time she was absolutely kind and welcoming. She answered all my questions and she's been such a good help with anything even after moving it. Village of Rowlett is such a great place to live, and hopefully Mackenzie can help you like she helped me!
  • Name Not Specified - 8/29/2018
    So any time I've called and have talked to McCartney whatever the issue may be its been taken care of! Definitely the person I recommend taking for further business.
  • Name Not Specified - 8/30/2018
    I live in building one and want to single out McCartney & Abraham for taking such good care of us today. We ordered a HUGE amount of new patio furniture and they were so great helping us with that. I never have a bad experience with anyone on staff. GREAT FOLKS!
  • Name Not Specified - 9/4/2018
    If you are in need of an awesome apartment and wanted the best quality of customer service, please go tour with McCartney! Hands down she is the most informative and helpful staff members, i cannot wait to move into the Village of Rowlett!
  • Name Not Specified - 9/4/2018
    If you are in need of an awesome apartment and wanted the best quality of customer service, please go tour with McCartney! Hands down she is the most informative and helpful staff members, i cannot wait to move into the Village of Rowlett!
  • Name Not Specified - 9/15/2018
    Villages of Rowlett has the best Maintenance staff! Hats off to Raul, Christian, and Jose. Whenever I have a need for our maintenance staff to address, they do so immediately and supersede my expectations-every time!
  • Jennifer - 2/1/2019
    My experience with Abraham was wonderful!!
  • Xavier - 2/20/2019
    I absolutely love this place and the charm as soon as you drive in. The downtown feel. The customer service is outstanding and I truly love living here! Chris, Tory and Abraham are just very helpful and we can't thank them enough.
  • Rebekah - 2/20/2019
    The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They helped guide me to make the choice best fit for me. I would definitely recommend.
  • KIMIKO ROMNES - 2/21/2019
    I met Chris and Abraham today for the first time and both men were very friendly and super welcoming. They gave me a lot of good information and insight into the area. The office is very clean and modern, plus easy to find. The location of the complex is also amazing since it is downtown, it is right next to everything!
  • Cami - 2/21/2019
    I love this place. The staff is amazing and the amenities and community are the best I've seen.
  • Pedro - 2/21/2019
    Really love living here the staff is great a really helpful! The community is great the library is walking distance. Very pet friendly as well.
  • Karen Qualls - 2/28/2019
    I've now lived here 1.5 years. I live in one of the town houses and I love it. Maintenance is on point, the grounds are kept very clean, the location is great, I love having a backyard. I've always lived in houses so having a townhouse as an option has been great. My electric bill is very low. In the summer I keep my house around 65 so my dog will be comfortable - most of my electric bills are around 140 a month and I'm not especially careful about electricity use. I feel safe here, so many things are close by and I love that the library is right down the street. My previous review mentions my complaints about Internet, I bought my own router and that fix the problem and I don't rent the router from the Internet provider. That's solved the problem . Everyone I encounter in the area is also very friendly.
  • Julianne - 4/5/2019
    The customer service here is amazing! The community events and amenities are luxury but not over the top, so it really feels like home.
  • Jamie - 4/8/2019
    My son and I have been apart of the community for a year now and we absolutely love it. We are moving to a two bedroom in May and Tory has been amazing with the process of setting it up! A big thank you to the staff!
  • Michele Fine - 4/30/2019
    This was my daughters first time living on her own. We were very impressed the moment we walked into the leasing office. Chris and Abraham were awesome, caring, and super helpful. They have made her first apt. experience a great one. They went above and beyond to make sure she was comfortable and taken care of. Raul was great at promptly taking care of any maintenance needed. Tory was also very helpful and courteous when Chris was out of the office. My daughter absolutely loves her apt. and feels very comfortable and safe. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!
  • Jennifer reeves - 7/14/2019
    I retired in december 2018. After searching for two years i moved from my lifetime home to the village of rowlett in may 2019. I love my new place. The management and staff are the best. I love the book club cafe and bankhead brewhouse and the downtown park and farmers market. I live above the library and have a beautiful view. There is a wonderful dress shop called girlfriends in walking distance. For a retired person that is ready to relax after years of public service, this is like being on a luxury vacation every day!
  • Surprisingly Annoyed - 9/6/2019
    We have visited twice to look at the area, apartments, community amenities, and begin applying. Today was our second visit and we began the application process because everyone was nice and the community seems great. Chris helped us both times and he is one of the friendliest leasing associates either of us have ever seen. He deserves a raise and a lot of recognition for his customer service and overall friendliness and helpfulness. Chris, you're one of the reasons we decided to rent there. However, while we were in the business office filling out our applications, Chris was assisting other customers and we encountered a problem with one of our accounts. The system was not allowing us to continue the application, so we asked for assistance and Debra was the only leasing associate available. The entire time she was extremely condescending and treated us as though we're ignorant because we're young. She continued to blatantly ignore what we were telling her happened and tell us to do multiple things that made absolutely zero sense. For instance, instead of checking her own computer to see why we were locked out of the system, she told us to put the information back in and try again (as if we hadn't already tried that multiple times). There were several other things she did in order to belittle us and make us feel like we're stupid. She was not welcoming at all and frankly insulted us by assuming we weren't smart enough to figure out a system that she clearly couldn't work at all. How can you treat two people who can run your computer system like they're idiots, but you can't even open a door at your work place because it's locked? Anytime we need to do anything with the leasing office in the future, we will specifically request any other employee than Debra. In short, Chris is great and deserves more money, Debra is rude, condescending, belittling and I'm upset she's employed there. Hopefully she doesn't scare anyone off from leasing from you. She almost succeeded in keeping us from leasing from you. Good luck Debra.
  • Rachel Gilbert - 9/7/2019
    I've been living at VoR since 8/13/19. Initially... I LOVE living here. It's Urban Mayberry. What I love: 1. Exterior architecture -- the mixture of styles & colors is simply...inspiring! 2. Interior Common areas -- exceptional, unique decor. Exterior is well-kept, though hard to keep some foliage healthy around parking lot I'm guessing because of pets...though I'm not sure. 3. Main Street Rowlett--I love the trees. cafes.library.park.And city hall--vintage buildings of cream brick & terra cotta tile roof--adorable! 4. QUIET--I cannot believe how quiet it is here. I rarely hear neighbors in their units. Even with being pet-friendly, I rarely hear dog barking. When I walk my dogs, it seems that residents pick up after their pets too. City registration of pets is required. 5. Twinkle Lights/MainStreetPark --I love driving home on weekend nights seeing twinkle lights and families gathered with lawn chairs & blankets for music or movies. 6.Exterior - I have a live/work unit, which feels more like a small townhome. I walk out my door to the parking lot (never had issue with close-in spot), shops, stores, which is convenient. Grounds are VERY well-lit, and feels very safe (I walk dogs at night). My unit is street level. But I love that urban feel aspect. 7. Interior: IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SPACE! Very high ceilings, make it so spacious. It felt like a BRAND NEW HOME when I moved in. Had not had that experience in 20 years--SO fun! Woke up feeling like I was living in a Boutique Hotel. Tall Windows & "transom windows" above kitchen door remained me of 100 yr old homes. Large Bathroom. Entry large enough be a reading niche with small furniture. Tons of cabinet & closet space. Every visitor has been impressed! 8. STAFF: Chris Thurman has been a kind, extremely respectful leasing agent. He never makes me feel like a bother, and is quick to find answers & remedies. He is very responsive on things that I need immediate help with--whether paperwork, how-things-work, or concerns. I've had one interaction with Brooke, who is super-positive & reassuring. Carrie, the newish manager, was also encouraging and professional in the one phone conversation I had with her. Maintenance is responsive & committed to getting things right (so far)! Yes, there are alot of apartments being built in Rowlett, but if you like a "homey, smaller, quiet, semi-urban with super-convenient location" this is a beautiful property. Again, I moved in 8/13, today is 9/7. So I may update later, but its a great start!
  • Gina Hibbs - 9/7/2019
    I have lived here at the village of Rowlett for the past year. I love everything about it. It is a charming little neighborhood in the heart of downtown Rowlett. People here are really friendly and the property is beautifully landscaped and well kept. The office staff is always so friendly and willing to help with anything we need. They always act like I am their only tenant and treat me like part of their family. I can't say enough positive things about The Village of Rowlett. It is definitely a place to check out if you were looking for a new home. You will love it here!